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We offer consultations to our members by discussing the problems that they face in their work and activism through our experts by getting their advice. Additionally our network offers Mediation services in a structured, interactive process  through the use of transparent communication and negotiation approaches. SUNGO encourages the Sudanese NGOs that are interested in development cooperation to actively participate in the Network. SUNGO works according to a "transparency-centred" process in that it is focused primarily upon the needs, rights, and interests of the members. SUNGO uses a wide variety of ways and procedures to guide the mediation process in a constructive direction and to help the members realise their optimal success. SUNGO is facilitative in that it manages the interaction between members and partners and facilitates open communication. Our service is also evaluative in that SUNGO analyses issues and relevant indications.

Consultation & Mediation

We offer our members good opportunities for networking to help them connect with other NGOs and actors to further each other's development cooperation interests by forming mutually beneficial work relationships. Our networking services are our way of improving your Work and personal connections to help you bring in new ideas, grants or just get great advice for running your NGO. There are several prominent networking opportunities in Germany and worldwide that create models of networking events that, when followed, allow the person to build new work relationships and generate funding opportunities at the same time. There are multiple different types of networking groups though and the best type for each individual varies depending on the work they are in and prospects they want to meet.


SUNGO acts as an information pool where members and the public find trustworthy information about development cooperation and relevant issues. In particular the Network will act as a bridge between Sudanese NGOs that work inside Sudan and the German NGOs that work in the field of development cooperation. Also the network opens doors for global cooperation. 
As well as the Network issues publications, books, visual media productions, etc, in the development cooperation.

Information & Publications
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