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What is the name of this network?

The network is named "SUNGO", it is an abbreviation of "Sudanese Non Governmental Organisations for development cooperation".


How can we define SUNGO?

SUNGO is an independent network of organizations, initiatives, groups, institutes, communities and individuals work in the field of development cooperation in Sudan. Membership in the network is aimed in particular at Sudanese NGOs based in Lower Saxony, Germany and Sudan. Nevertheless, the network will be open to all organizations and people that are interested in development cooperation in Sudan all over the world.


Which institution is legally in charge of SUNGO?

SUNGO is a project from UMBAJA e. V and partners in SOLIDAN CAMPAIGN, The GAAKT e.V and The VEN e.V. The aim of the campaign is to support the democratic transfer in Sudan. The campaign was launched on the January 1st, 2021 in Germany by a group of NGOs in Hanover, the capital city of Lower Saxony State northern Germany. More information about SOLIDAN in the website:


What are the goals of SUNGO?

  1. Establishment of civil development cooperation between German society and the post-revolutionary democratic Sudanese society.

  2. Setting long term strategic plans for sustainable development in Sudan in cooperation with various Sudanese diaspora organizations in Germany.

  3. Continuously evaluating and monitoring on development cooperation situations in Sudan.


What does SUNGO Network do?

  1. Civic engagement education and public relations for development in Sudan.

  2. The network coordinates development cooperation projects with organizations in Sudan.

  3. Lobbying for improvement of the governmental development policy nationwide in Sudan.


What activities does SUNGO do?

Organising events, workshops, conferences, visits, video library,Publications and a website with an interactive network members area.


In short key words, what are the services that SUNGO offers?

  1. Consulting and Mediation.

  2. Information & Publication.

  3. Networking opportunities.


What are the topics of SUNGO?

  1. Sustainable Development Goals.

  2. Agriculture and Food Security.

  3. Human rights and democracy.

  4. Socially responsible companies and businesses.

  5. Climate change, Environment protection and Greening.

  6. Rehabilitation process and peacebuilding.


How can I join SUNGO?

Individuals, organisations, etc, who want to join SUNGO, simply, they can fill & submit the membership application form, and pay the membership fee, that is through the following steps: 

  • Step 1, you submit a SUNGO-Membership application via our web-site in page join SUNGO

  • Step 2, SUNGO will send you a letter of acceptance of your application after examining it, with a membership file number and membership fee invoice.

  • Step 3, you pay the membership fee by Bank transfer to the Bank account of UMBAJA e. V, mentioned below.

  • Step 4, after payment confirmation, SUNGO will send you a payment confirmation letter, your membership in the network and access information to the members area in SUNGO website.  


What are the benefits from the SUNGO membership?

SUNGO network is open to help and support all actors that work in the field of development cooperation in Sudan, but at the same time the network gives a priority advantage to the members in all types of services that it offers. The member of SUNGO will be part of civil society and NGOs that are working in the field of development cooperation in Germany and he/she will be invited to specialised workshops and seminars specified for members in this field. See please our services

Is the membership in SUNGO costs money, or it is free of charge?

SUNGO as network is committed to a set of values, such like, responsibility, self-dependency and participation, that is why the membership in SUNGO is charged.

How much does cost to join the Network of SUNGO?

There are different membership fees in SUNGO, it depends on the country where the person resides or where the NGO is registered.

(Categories according to the World Bank Classification)

Membership Fees

High-income economies, Ex. Germany:                                                60 EURO annually

Upper-middle-income economies, Ex. South Africa and Turkey:         25 EURO annually

Low and lower-middle-income economies, Ex. Sudan:                        5 EURO annually


How can I pay the membership fee?

The membership fees of SUNGO is payable to the bank account of UMBAJA organisation. 

Bank account information
Account owner:     UMBAJA e. V. 
Bank name:           GLS Bank 
Bank Address:       GLS Gemeinschaftsbank eG, 44774 Bochum
Account IBAN:     DE31430609671257791500
BIC:                       GENODEM1GLS



More questions or inquiries?

For any more questions or inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us via E mail or you can talk to our contact person via: +49-1788625027 (WhatsApp)

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